Vintage Lego Hospital 555

July 25, 2017

Released in 1976 the Lego Hospital set 555 was a great thrift store find.

The instructions were very worn but it was interesting to see how they used to look. Like the base plates used to have little painted white dots so kids knew where to start building.

And some pieces were missing but it had some bonuses like these printed pieces.

The set has some strange pieces I had never seen before.

And the Minifigures were the old school kind with no faces or arms. (which is so creepy)

I used a lot of pieces from my own miscellaneous tubs to make up for the missing pieces and it came out pretty great.

Once the set was built I realized that those printed pieces belonged to another old set from the 70's.

 This great fire truck!


So keep your eyes peeled fellow Lego collectors, little gems with hidden surprises are out there waiting, maybe at your local thrift store!








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