Bricks by the Bay 2017

August 8, 2017

This past weekend was the annual Bricks by the Bay Lego convention, and it really was awesome!

With my new Benny Stardust tee from Tee Fury, my vintage Lego messenger bag and my camera we were ready to go in.

When you book the VIP package it includes entry 1 hour early and a printed commemorative brick.

If you have never been to the show it is a weekend event that has to be booked way in advance, however there is a day where it is open to the public and it has 2 parts: Vendors and Exhibits.

We always go to the Vendors first to get any giveaways, and of course, the first dibs on Lego sets & Minifigures.

There were so many vendors it was overwhelming in the best way, The Brick Hutt was there and so was Bricks & Minifigs.

There were more minifigures than you can count and more boxes than I have ever seen.

And the tables of miscellaneous Lego pieces for sale seemed endless.

There were also vendors selling handmade Lego jewelry, Tee-shirts, books and light up display cases by Display-Go.

And these amazing new light up bricks by i-Brix!

These bricks are going to revolutionize the Lego lighting game. They work by drawing power from the base plate so there are no messy wires in your build. Click Here to support them in Kickstarter.

Once we spent way too much money on Lego sets we headed in to the Exhibit room.

It's a good thing they stay open until 3pm because you really need all day to see these amazing MOC's, and even then it might not be enough time.

There were giant MOC's like the one above of a State Fair, also a huge boy scout retreat and a castle scene.

The theme for Bricks by the Bay this year was California Dreaming and there was another huge MOC designed around the theme that perfectly encompassed the CA I know and love.

They even made an employee rest area for the theme park.

There were hundreds of MOC's and you can check out the rest in these galleries.





We also got to meet Stephen Pakbaz. He was featured in the Lego Brickumentary and is the Lego Ideas set creator of the Curiosity Rover 21104.

If you would like to go to Bricks by the Bay next year check out their website for details on their future conventions, see you there!





































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