Lego Bus Station 60154

August 11, 2017

The Lego Bus Station is one of the newest in the City series.

The build was fast with 337 pieces and uncomplicated, but a lot of fun!

The set comes with the following:




Business Man

Bus Driver

News Stand Woman

Bicycle Man

Cell Phone Girl

Bus Passenger Girl


Accessory Pieces:


Red Bike

Blue Bike

Green & Red Apples



Cell Phone



Red Mug






Bus Stop



The Minifigures are full of character.

The News Stand Woman sells newspapers and snacks to people waiting for the bus. She has a wonderful green jacket top.

The Business Man or Grandpa has a briefcase and is off to a meeting or to see his family.

The Bus Passenger Girl is ready to see the city, she has wheelchair and is the second Lego character to have one. The first was in the Fun in the Park - City People Pack

The bus driver is going to get his passengers safely where they need to go, he has a uniform and a red mug in the bus for his coffee.

The Cell Phone Girl may be young but she doesn't seem to let that stop her from posting about her day on social media.

The Bicycle Man has safety in mind. He wears a gray helmet and has 2 bikes to choose from.

The dog is a classic brown large dog piece. I really hope Lego takes on some new dog designs of larger dog breeds soon.

The Newsstand is a wonderful green color.

It has 3 stacks of newspapers.

Because Bus passengers need something to read on the ride.

It has snacks like apples and drinks too.

The Bus Stop is a great place to sit and rest while waiting for the next ride.

It has a recycling can, a bike rack and a platform.

And on the wall there is a bus schedule.

As for the bus itself I love the colors and design.

It has a sticker made to look like a light up sign on the front and it is also a hybrid.

One side is plain while the other has one main door and a set of double doors.

The roof comes off for easy Minifigure placement.


The sides have huge windows so you can see all of your Minifigures.


And the back has a bike/baby carriage rack.


This set was a blast to build and has a lot of play-ability for kids. It is a great addition and must have for any Lego city scene!

To get your own Bus Station Click Here!











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