Lego Pizzeria - My Version

August 14, 2017

I decided to give Lego Friends set 41311 the Heartlake Pizzeria a make over.

The Friends build is very fast and has lots of adorable Lego accessories. I know Lego Friends are designed for girls, but they have some pretty ridiculously girly color schemes. Like the purple floor in this set for example, it had to go. (*Yes I am aware I have the top floor set back too far but I as so excited to photograph the set so I could change it I didn't notice it at the time).

So I decided to remake the set as if it was designed like a non-gender based set.

I changed the floor from purple to green to start out.

Then I changed up the balcony by removing the blue dishes, the pink top arches, the chairs, the banisters and siding.


I added in black siding with brown lights on the patio.

I also changed the windows from pink to black, the front door mat, the door knob and flower beds. I added a soda can too and the Minifigure Waiter from Series 9 with his wine bottle.


The kitchen went from play to serious cooking.

I changed out most of the blue cookware to the yellow versions from the Big Bang Theory set, minus the salad bowls and the frying pan mainly because it has the pizza sauce sticker. I also updated the cash register, ditched the phone, added a chair and a coffee maker. The pizza oven and salad bar I left the same.

I also changed the delivery scooter.


I changed out the cell phone, the yellow roof, the green seat (to one with studs) and ditched the purple doors.

I had so much fun re-imagining this set! Get your own and make the pizzeria of your dreams! Click here. And also check out my version of the Hot Dog Van too!















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