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August 16, 2017

For a limited time Lego is giving away this adorable Cave People set when you spend $50 online or in a Lego Store.

What I love most about this little freebie are the details on the box.

The back has these great pictures and cave drawings, one of which looks like a Minifigure with a selfie stick.

On one side there is a spider web with a spider, and a peek into the cave.

And the other side has laundry and more carvings.

The front is just perfect.

There is a heart over the door.

And a mailbox and more cave drawings.

Inside are the Caveman & Cavewoman.

They both have clubs and animal fur clothes.

The Cavewoman has a puzzled expression, a bone in her hair and a rock necklace.

The Caveman has a big bushy beard and eyebrows. 

If you were thinking that these two look familiar, that's because they are.

The original Caveman is from Series 1 and the original Cavewoman was from Series 5.

The main differences in the old and the new Minifigs is their outfits.

The women have different hair colors as well as their outfits have a totally different base color. The Cavemen also have a different hair color. The markings on their clothes are not the same, the patch of shirt with the bone is cut differently and even their chest hair is not the same.

Ignore the face on the old caveman on the right, it turns out when I bought him at a show I was sold the wrong face, their faces are actually supposed to be the same.

And both of their backs are completely blank.

When you remove the new cave people and their case from their home you get a great play set.

You can add other elements like a baby, a fire and a slab of meant for more fun.

And don't forget about the dinosaurs!

So get your own Caveman & Cavewoman set before they are gone, Click Here!






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