DIY Lego Minifigure Display Case

January 12, 2018

Lego Minifigure Collectors all have the same problem, how to show off your amazing collection.


Lego Has come up with their own branded cases, but for me they are a bit more for kids.


The cases are great for little ones with small collections but for larger collections they are a bit awkward and not very space saving.

Then there are the Etsy Shop home made displays.

These displays are great if you have a lot of wall space, and are for the most part really well made. But they  are a huge pain when it comes to dusting.

So Danny came up with his own less expensive way of perfectly displaying Minifigures. You only need 2 things.


Multi-Level Display Box 9.99

First: You need this display case from The Container Store.

It has 3 tiers that stack up for easy display, and a plastic case to prevent dust. Next:


Lego Tape 6.99 (at the time of this post)

This (non-brand) Lego Tape is sold on Amazon. It comes in many colors but we found black looks the best as the display case bottom is black.

One roll of tape will cover the 3 steps in 1 case.

Take the tape and cut it to exactly fit each tier of the plastic steps. Then remove the paper and carefully stick the tape down smoothing it as you go. Put tape on only 2 of the shelves and one at the base on the front. It is important to put the tape just between the 2 tiny dots on the shelves.

Then add your Minifgures and you are done!

The case will hold up to 20 Minifigures if properly spaced.

The case's cover is light weight plastic and sets on the ledge of the display. It is very easy to remove for easy access to your figures.

Did I mention they are also stackable so you can display many figures in one space!

And you can skip the stack-able shelves if you want and use the case to display small Lego builds too!

Have fun creating and Brick On!












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