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August 24, 2017

The City Chase set is one of the new sets from the upcoming Lego Ninjago Movie, hitting theaters soon.



Quick to build and with great play-ability, I think this set is a great addition to any collection. If it is your first Ninjago set you will love adding it to any city scene.

The set has a total of 5 Minifigures:


Llyod Garmadon


Officer Toque


Shark Army Thug

And the set has lots of accessory pieces:


Green Apples x3

Red Cherries x5

Cell Phone

Soda Can

Silver Fish x2

Blue Fish x1





And a total of 233 pieces.

Lloyd is in his school clothes.

And has a dual expression face.

Nya is in school clothes too, and I love her new top and that you can see the front of her sneakers.

She has a dual face as well.

Officer Toque looks very disapproving with his single sided grumpy face and police uniform.

This Shark Army Thug is mean looking and has only a one sided face.

His weapon has a hammer and a fish.

Ham is running his street food stall. He is very upset with this one sided face expression.

The food street stall has lots of yummy Lego food.

And a classic Asian inspired look.

There are fish.

 And cherries.

And a barrel of green apples.

Over the food stall there are red lights that over hang.

It is very tall and colorful. 

And there are also street signs on the posts.

There is also a Police tuc-tuc that comes with the set.

The police vehicle has a fun design and it is easy to get minifigures in and out of it.

To get your own City Chase set Click Here! And check out the new Lego Ninjago Movie coming out September 22nd.





















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