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August 28, 2017

Azari & the Goblin Forest Escape is a beautiful and battle ready set from Lego Elves.

The set is part of a new series released for the Lego Elves Secrets of Elvendale show which is coming to Netflix on September 1st.

This build is very colorful and quick.

It shows Azari battling her way out of an enchanted forest and fighting off a goblin with her Pegasus.

The set includes the following:









Evil plants


Evil Instructions

Evil Potion




The evil plant is really my favorite part of this set.

It has 2 heads and one small seedling.

And one of the heads can be knocked over by the crossbow.

The mischievous goblin is definitely up to no good.

He has a pouch on his waist with evil seeds and a garden shovel.

And he carries an evil potion and instructions.

Azari's Pegasus Firebolt is a bright yellow/orange with a pink mane and tail.

And on the sides of its face are elves markings and her wings move up and down.

And the set comes with a carrot to feed Firebolt.

Azari herself is dresses in a pink and gold dress with brown boots.

She also has pink markings on her face.

And beautiful dual colored hair.

The chariot is mostly pink and gold.

There are pink and orange flames that come from the back.

Inside there is a mount for the crossbow, a map and a spot for the carrot. 

 The wheels are giant and gold.

Azari's chariot is ready to save the day and face the goblins and the Goblin King.

So if you would like to get your own Azari & the Goblin Forest Escape set and many others in stores now

And don't miss the new show Lego Elves Secrets of Elvendale on Netflix Friday September 1st.








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