Exclusive First Look at Lego VIP Set 40178

September 5, 2017

I got a hold of this very cool VIP Lego set 40178 before its rumored release in October!

I bought it off Brick Link from a seller in South Korea.

My all time favorite Lego sets are Lego Store sets so this little guy got me really excited.

 Just check out all of the tiny Lego sets stickers.

The build has a lot of bricks and it is the biggest poly bag I have ever seen.

I love the Pick & Build wall and all the adorable little Lego sets.

This set was so much fun to build and went by really fast.

The set has 2 MInifigures including an all Red Minifigure.

Which is for the VIP badge.

And a Lego Store Employee.

The Lego Store Employee has a Lego shopping bag and he wears a black and yellow shirt with a Lego name badge.

The back of his shirt has the Lego logo.

He is reminiscent of the 2013 Lego Store Employee from a ploy bag. They have the same hair and similar clothes but a different face and their name tag is not the same either.

Also the 2013 figure does not have the Lego logo on his back.

There are also 8 great sticker items including 7 Lego sets and a Lego Store shopping bag. For the sets you can see the Ghostbusters Firehouse, the Friends Hot Dog stand, a Prison Escape set and so many more.

The store also has a giant red brick display, a cash register, 2 Lego cup displays and a small Lego bin with a stud in it.

There is also the classic Lego dragon on the side.

The store itself is a smaller version of set 40145, a giveaway set you can only get when a new Lego store opens and you spend $100.

I got my set when the San Francisco store had its grand re-opening.

As you can see they both have pick-a-brick walls and Lego sets.

So keep an eye out on your Lego VIP e-mails for the updated details on this awesome set, as of now it is rumored to be available to VIP's October 1st with a purchase of $125 at the Lego Store or Lego.com.




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