Halloween Haunt 40260

October 1, 2017

Around the holidays Lego always releases small $9.99 sets for each season and the Halloween set has arrived!

Halloween Haunt is a creepy little scene perfect for kids to get in the mood for October.

It has 145 pieces, 2 minifigures and quite a few accessories.

It has Count Dracula & a skeleton.

Both of them have goblets.

And Dracula is clearly in his pre-vampire days.

Other pieces that complete the scene are a cauldron full of treats, a rat with a pumpkin and a gated scene.

The gate is the entrance to Dracula's castle. It has torches, a red spider, purple trees and a jack-o-lantern only previously seen in the Scooby Doo sets.

When the gates open you can see the castle in the distance.

The micro castle is my favorite part of the set.

And the potion is magical, you never know what tricks or treats you will find with this set.

The Halloween Haunt set is available now in Lego Stores and at Lego.com so get yours soon before the witching hour ends.
















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