The Joker Manor

September 26, 2017


Get ready to laugh like the ultimate super villain over the latest Lego Batman Movie set coming out November 24th.



The Joker Manor has a whopping 3444 pieces and has some of my favorite scenes from the movie like the microwave and the movie theater.



Also it has 10 minifigures including the white suits from the end credits scene with the music video and Robin in his Nightwing costume!

It has all the changes joker makes to Bruce Wayne's manor like a mirror maze, a roller coaster and even changing out family photos. It also has a music studio for Batman's sick beats.



There are rumors that this set will be available to VIPs early than November 24th but no conformation yet and the set will cost $269.99.

Mark your calendar because you know someone in your life that is going to want The Joker Manor for Christmas!


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