Halloween 2017

November 3, 2017

I wanted to share some pictures from our Halloween!. Halloween is the favorite holiday in our house and we do all the things you would expect.

I had to decorate my pumpkin this year with a sticker kit from Target because of my recent wrist surgery. While Danny did a Dracula carving and Tristan designed his own Creeper pumpkin.

I always make a ton of themed food but had to tone it back because you can only do so much with 1 hand, so I made cupcakes, white chocolate Boo Berries and Oreo Pops. Also Jell-o vodka syringes and Worms in Dirt.

Our decorations collection grows every year and it is already pretty good, but this year we also added 2 more fog machines.

I also made my yearly Lego Halloween Town. (More pics on my Instagram)


And our favorite decoration is from AtmosFX, a digital projector!


As you can kind of see above I was a Ghostbuster. And we all get costumes of course, even the dogs. Monster was a beanie baby and Runkle was a T-rex.

My son was Jay from Ninjago, after he saw the costume in Target he had to have it.

I was living a childhood dream of being a Ghostbuster for Halloween, and I got my Slimer which made the costume.

Now Danny's costume was terrifying, he picked it specifically to scare the heck out of older kids.

He was a creepy, twisted pumpkin man and boy did he get a lot of screams.

And I had the Stranger Things soundtrack playing on a speaker hidden in the front yard. Which Season 2 is what we watched until we went to bed!

 We had a great Halloween and we hope you did too!












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