Lunchbox Wax

November 18, 2017

I had the pleasure of visiting Lunchbox Wax, a place to bare your beautiful.

Like so many other women I saw the name of the store and went "wait what?".

Turns out it is exactly what you think, an amazing waxing salon with a great sense of humor.

From their merchandise to their logo you can't help but smile when you walk in.

They also have gift cards in their pink signature lunchbox. (I mean come on, look how cute)

Smashing any taboos about waxing they come right out and say it, because women should feel empowered when making decisions on how they present themselves to the world, not embarrassed by it.

I visited the Concord, CA location but they have locations all over.

The atmosphere is relaxing and fun.

And I met Jordan and Sandy who greeted me right away with big sincere smiles.

I was checked in for my eyebrow wax, filled out a short form and was guided to my room.

The rooms are flawlessly clean, artfully seasoned with the company's adorable logo and are very calming.

I usually find myself stressed out when I get waxing done, because well my eyebrows are on my face and there is no hiding a mistake! Places I have been in the past are often quick to get the wax on your face and move on to the next customer. This is not the case with Lunchbox Wax.

After laying down Jordan handed me a mirror and took care to listen to exactly what my concerns were and she also made great suggestions.

Jordan talked to me on a personal level and we bonded over shared experiences, I felt like I was talking to an old friend.

Also they also have these gorgeous black and white pictures in each room that appear to be landscapes at first glace but instead are beautiful shots of bodies. (seriously go back and look!)

They offer bundle services where you can purchase 5 sessions and get your 6th free. And for new guests they have a special offer of buy one get one, when you pay for your first service your second same service is free! Also there is a raffle going so stop by to enter.

The holidays are coming, which means lots of holiday photos and snuggles. So you have got to try Lunchbox Wax.

The service is quick but not rushed, the entire staff is caring and patient, and you will leaving feeling beautiful.

Lunchbox Wax

2095 Diamond Blvd.

Suite 145

Concord, CA 94520


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