Lindsay Wildlife Experience

April 17, 2018

Over Spring Break my son and I went to the Lindsay Wildlife Experience, and it was the low key adventure we needed.

The experience has dozens of interactive and hands on learning activities and is built with kids in mind.

We had been to the wildlife experience many times when my son was younger and we were long over due for a visit.


The birds are my favorite part, you can see them up close and personal.

The owls will take your breath away.

But my favorite is the Barn Owl. (Queue the glitter and David Bowie Goblin King singing)

There are a lot of birds at the wildlife center, they rehabilitate all kinds of animals, and most of their birds are permanent residents due to impairments. 

Which brings us to Penny!

This adorable prickly babe stole everyone's heart in an outside presentation.

They have lots of other critters too.

On a rainy day this was the perfect way to spend a few hours being entertained and I felt great knowing my kid left learning something.

Go explore the Lindsay Wildlife Experience yourself!



































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