Lego Juniors Jurassic World T. Rex Breakout Set 10758

May 2, 2018

Get ready to take on a prehistoric adventure with the newest Lego Juniors Jurassic World set T-rex Breakout!

The set is a Juniors build which means it is easier and has larger pieces.

It took me only about 15 minutes to build and I honestly don't even care that it is a Juniors set.

The set has a total of 150 pieces. 

And the accessory pieces are:


Dart Gun 1x

Eggs 2x

Hot Dog 1x

Radios 2x

Stick 1x

The instructions are colorful and have a very cute comic at the end.

The set has a total of 3 Minifigures and 2 animals:




Jurassic World Guard


Baby T-rex

The Jurassic World Guard has only 1 expression face and a dart gun.

The back of his navy blue uniform has the Jurassic World Logo.

The unnamed Scientist has 2 faces and a stick.

He has a smile and a grumpy face.

And he is wearing a lab coat with vials in the pocket.

And on his back it looks like he has some type of medical device connected by a cord on the front.

Claire is back and adventure ready with a dinosaur egg.  

She has 2 facial expressions, a smirk and a worried/disgusted face.

She is wearing a light green shirt, brown pants and an olive green jacket.

Her outfit is a huge improvement over her costume in the first movie, she won't be getting her white clothes ruined or running in her high heels anytime soon. (thank goodness because that outfit was ridiculous)

The T-rex is the exact same one previously featured in the Jurassic World set 75918 T-rex Tracker.

And her arms, legs, neck, tail and mouth move.

There are studs on her back to allow for a rider.

The Baby T-rex is the main reason I got the set, I cannot wait for the movie to see if this little munchkin is actually in it!

The baby is truly teeny, check it out compared to mama.

I can't gush enough over the cuteness.

The set also has a vehicle, the Jurassic World Transport Truck with Egg Carrier.

 The truck is very basic.

It has the logo on the side, a blue translucent windshield and a hatch back.

The hatch in the back opens up.

Where inside the egg is stored for transport.

The egg transport holder is simple with translucent blue sides.

The 2 main builds are the Jurassic World Entrance and the Science Lab.

The Jurassic World Entrance just makes me smile.

It is a mini park entrance and has a ladder on the side.

There are 4 torches, vines, rocks and a barred door.

A silly addition (which I will be removing when I display it) is a hot dog for feeding the T-rex. Cute additions like this are seen a lot in Juniors sets.

There is a small side panel fence and a warning sign, the fence comes apart easily to let T-rex "break out".

And here is a view from the back side.

To scale for dinosaurs the door is a bit small, but it gives the same affect.

The Science Lab is small but gives you the basic feel of a lab/nursery.

There are eggs, radios, a computer, a map, a pen and the baby T-rex.

The pen is where Baby T-rex hangs out.

And here is the view from the back side.

I 100% recommend this set to be in you collection, even if you don't really care for Juniors sets. It is a must have for the Gate & the Baby T-rex, and kids will absolutely love it too.

Click here to get your Lego Juniors Jurassic World set T-rex Breakout!









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