San Jose Super Toy & Comic Book Show

June 4, 2018

This past weekend was the San Jose Super Toy & Comic Book Show, it was showcased by Time Tunnel Toys.

There were so many treasures it was mind blowing.

Like rarly found Lego sets.

Of course there were Funko toys & Pop's.

LOTS of Pop's.

The show booths were filled by local toy & comic book shops, private sellers and licensed retailers.

If you collect pins/buttons they did not let you down.

Walking through the huge show you could not possibly see everything in one pass, we spent hours digging through bins, walking around displays and peeking into cases several times.

And the Comic Book selection did not disappoint.

Of course there were enough action figures to fill a geek collection 10x over.

With everything from Marvel to DC, Star Wars to Star Trek there was something for everyone.

Everyone was so friendly and fun to talk to, it was a pop-culture palooza.

And of course Pikachu was there too.

The vintage toy selection was simply epic, I wish I had more money to spend because I would have spent it there.

Our feet were hurting after taking so many laps around the show but that did not stop us because the show was huge and full of so much awesomeness.

Finding Comic Con exclusives is always a bonus!

I got lost in the vintage toys so many times.

If you know your vintage toys this Star Trek gem would certainly make you smile.

Though not all vintage toys are politically correct.

Seeing Rainbow Bright, Trolls and this Fisher Price doll house I was sent right back to the 80's.

And there were also things that took me back that are too embarrassing to admit I owned... (NKOTB forever)

The booths featured lots of cool local stores like Fantastic Collectables & Gift Shop & Planet X Toys and then there was Collectors Row.

Their giant puppets, props and masks had me just starring in awe.

And their selection of collectables was jaw dropping.

Not gunna lie I almost took home a Gremlin.

By the end of the day we left tired, carrying our big bags of happiness heading home with so much to add to our collections. If you can make it to one of these shows I promise you will find something amazing to add to your collection too.

For details on future San Jose Super Toy shows Click Here. And there are more photos in the slide show below!









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