Mademoiselle Alma Handcrafted LEGO® Jewelry

June 13, 2018

If you are shopping for a lover of LEGO® in your life you need to explore the designs of Mademoiselle Alma.

The artist Sarah Noly designed the line when she was inspired creating LEGO® jewelry for her daughter Alma, the brand's namesake.

Using the rare colors and shapes of LEGO® bricks she puts together truly elegant wearable art.

The pieces are brand new bricks and can have plated gold or plated silver and are not containing parts made in China, like this gorgeous limited edition gold plated heart.

Using a combination of Lego bricks and SWAROVSKI® crystals she has become a sought after jeweler who is featured on sale at "The Art of the Brick" by Nathan Sawaya, the famous LEGO® brick artist who's work I have had the pleasure of photographing.

Her beautiful jewelry is also showcased in shops, galleries and markets around the world including the US, Tasmania, London and Paris.

There is a tremendous variety of jewelry designs on her Website or her Etsy shop including pendants, earrings, bracelets and more, that will bring a smile to the face of any LEGO® fan.

So the next time you are shopping for yourself or a fan of LEGO® you will not be disappointed by the colorful, fun and handcrafted beauty of Mademoiselle Alma.

Find Mademoiselle Alma on social Media:





And for details on carrying Mademoiselle Alma products for retail or distribution contact Sarah here.




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