Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel via Comic Books

June 15, 2018


We all know the face of Tim Burton's lovable ghost dog Zero, he and his light up pumpkin nose are leading the way for Nightmare Before Christmas Part 2!

Though not the sequel most fans were hoping for at least we get to see all of our favorite characters again as the story continues via graphic novel.

The new story is titled Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey and it is out now. The storyline is said to follow Zero getting lost in Christmas Town.

It is being released first as single-issues that will ship to comic book shops and book retailers. It will then later be collected into full-color trade paperback editions, as well as black and white "pocket-sized" manga editions.

There was also a book featured at Free Comic Book Day.

I picked up mine at my local comic book store The Escapist, and you should too, especially if you have kids so they can read the next part of the adventure for Zero and the Halloween Town gang.







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