Silk Plants Direct

July 26, 2018


I love plants and flowers I buy them all the time, but they usually end up looking like the picture below within a few days. If you are anything like me creativity comes easy, maintenance, not so much. I never did get that green thumb.

Luckily I found the perfect solution to having real looking plants at home, Silk Plants Direct.

My favorite flower is a white daisy so choosing what to order was easy.

The flowers came in a very sturdy box, with pins holding them in place to ensure the stems weren't damaged. And the flower petals were cupped in plastic to ensure none were bent or broken.

For them to fit in my favorite vase I needed to trim the stems to get the right height.

Then staggering the height slightly I was finished in a flash, and I am so excited for the result.

The flowers look so real even my friends didn't believe they were fake. And I have the piece of mind of not having to remember to water or trim them.

And I love that they add a touch of style to any geek display you have.

There are lots of ways you can use Silk Plants Direct, like weddings and special events as well as in your home. Head on over to their website and decorate your home with beautiful, zero maintenance flowers!

A special thank you to Silk Plants Direct for the lovely Daisies.

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