Light Up the Holidays with Brick Loot Lego Light Kits

December 2, 2018

The Holiday gift giving season is upon us and if you are like me, this year you are behind on your shopping.

But you have Lego fans in your life (And let's face it if you follow me you do) then Brick Loot is here to save you from the stress of deciding what to get your Lego fan for the Holidays.

I have blogged before about Brick Loot's Subscription Boxes, which are also a blast for gift giving, but I want to show you their Light Kits!

There are dozens of choices for their stunning LED Light Kits, and the Lego fan in your life has at least 5 of the sets they make kits for.

Brick Loot graciously provided me with the Palace Cinema kit to install in my set so I could share its amazingness with you!

Once you follow their easy online instructions you have a stunning display of blinking and stationary lights that made me gasp once they were plugged in.

Brick Loot's Light Kits give Lego sets a realness that just displaying them normally lacks.

The 2 multicolored blinking spotlights were my favorite part, they blink in rotation and add beautiful green, blue and purple hues to the building.

The Cinema has always been my favorite modular set and seeing it lit up like this, I couldn't stop smiling.

On the side with the movie posters each poster has their own light making it crisp and clear what each poster was.

And the side with the box office made me wish I was small enough to get tickets and go inside.

The marquee lit up and blinking gave the set so much more personality, it looks worthy of a Hollywood premier.

The Cinema is even more my favorite now with this kit than before and I can't thank the people over at Brick Loot enough for the opportunity to show it to you all.

So take a break from adding more sets to your Lego fan's collection this Holiday season and give them a way to make the sets they already love come alive with a Light Kit from Brick Loot!

And click over to my Instagram to see videos of the set in action!



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