Our Star Wars Nursery

March 22, 2019

When we found out we were pregnant we knew right away we wanted a Star Wars themed nursery. And when we got the news that we are having a girl I was overwhelmed with excitement day-dreaming of little Leia & Rey decor.

However I had no idea just how little there was out there in the Star Wars nursery department, especially not for a baby girl, so I was on a mission to put it together myself.

I went right over to Google and started searching 'Star Wars Nursery'. But I was disappointed to see that all the major chain stores carried only Star Wars kids decor for little boys. I found lots of black and red colored items and only male characters. The only exception to the red/black scheme was Pottery Barn Kids.

So first I made a folder on Pinterest to link ideas. Then I came up with a colors that I could pull some of the 'boy themed' pieces from Pottery Barn into. I decided on gray, sea foam green and baby blue. I am not traditional so I was not going to go the pink or purple route. I also knew how I wanted the room to feel, soft and cozy with Star Wars and star accents.

Then things started coming together and after months of searching places like Etsy, Pottery Barn Kids, Amazon and more I had pinned exactly what I wanted and the process of ordering it all began.

We also made our registry at BuyBuy Baby since they had most of the furniture we wanted, and of course they have everything you can think of for babies.

While all the orders slowly trickled in we had full on nursery construction on our hands.

Danny decided to rip out the drywall and add insulation, which also meant adding new sheet rock, texturing, priming, painting, adding new base boards and so much more.

Construction took from September to January for completion, but everything came out so beautiful. Looking at it now you could have never guessed it used to be a game/guest/dog room. And I still can't believe he did this all himself.

Once all of the construction was complete it was time to pull out all the boxes and start decorating, the nesting was out of control and I could not have been happier. So lets take a walk through the finished room!

The dresser/changing table area was a lot of fun to set up. I wanted to add lots of little accents that were Star Wars and keep a very clean look.

The dresser itself is from Oxford Baby Furniture. We didn't want to buy an actual changing table because I felt like they were a waste of space. I never used the one I had for my son all that often and the shelves were deep and cumbersome.

So we decided on a dresser that she can use through the years with a changing pad added on top.

Above the dresser is a collection of art prints of R2-D2, Princess Leia, 'May the Force be with you', Rey & BB-8. I found these prints (and more you will see later) from a shop on Etsy called WaiWai Art Prints. They have an amazing selection of Star Wars characters and phrases, you can customize your colors and patterns too. I spent 2 months planning out my prints with the seller who was very patient, answered all my questions and let me submit my order when I was ready with no pressure.

Keeping with our color scheme the changing pad cover was gray and had chevron stripes like the art prints, both the pad and cover are by Boppy.

To the sides we have a 3-in-1 stars lamp/nightlight from Target, our framed pregnancy announcement, and a glass apothecary jar from Hobby Lobby.

I wanted teether and binky storage that was easily accessible and this jar turned a functional item into an added decoration.

The other end of the dresser has lotion and hand sanitizer dispensers along with a plant.

The lotion is Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort with Lavender & Vanilla and it smells so good. The sanitizer is just the Target generic brand. I also purchased these glass dispensers instead of using the store bottle because I felt it just looked nicer, they are also from Target.

The plant was some kind of fir that I picked up at our local grocery store during Christmas for a centerpiece. After the holidays were over I realized it would also look great in the nursery, with a little added Star Wars flair. If you look closely at the plant you can see it resembles Endor with my added Ewoks.

The original drawer bottoms for the dresser were this ugly brown color, so that was not going to work.

Instead lined the inside of the drawers with this gray chevron contact paper from Target.

I tried my best to organize the drawers and fold the clothes using the KonMari method, which saved me tons of space.

It also helps things become more visible and easily accessible.

I organized 3 drawers by size Newborn & 0-3months, 3months & 3-6months and 6months & 6-9 months with the last drawer for swaddles & crib sheets. The KonMari folding method is awesome it saves space and lets you see exactly what you have.

I ordered a Diaper Genie online instead of buying one in the store because online there are color options. The colors look so much cooler and are the same price, so why not get one that matches your nursery? They have gray, pink, green, white and blue.

Next there are 2 shelves in the nursery that we had around the house because we took them down from another room and had them in storage. I believe they originally came from The Container Store and they were just perfect for holding little items I wanted to display. They were not fitting the color scheme being so dark so I repainted them.

I used a jar of gray sample paint from Lowe's that was similar to the color of the furniture in the room they came out wonderful.

I wanted the little details of the shelves to be Star Wars themed of course, but also have a little of us in there too. Like the little wooden camera from Amazon I added because photography is such a passion of mine.

These two green frames and tiny fake succulents are from Target. I found the images inside them on Pinterest and printed them for the frames.

There are lots of fun things like these Darth Vader moccasins from Baby Gap and this tiny plush Leia from The Hallmark Store on there too.

In the middle you can see a little something of Danny's, a Porsche truck carrying 3 small cars. Danny is a Porsche auto body repair technician and he bought this for the baby before we got pregnant. I did a little photo shoot with one of the cars on my bump, so that picture got framed and added too. You can also see a Lego Princess Leia, because we love Lego.

The shelves are on the wall beside the crib out of grabbing range of little hands.

The crib I fell in love with when I was about 4 months pregnant, it is from Oxford Baby Furniture like the dresser.

The Star Wars fitted crib sheet and quilt are from Pottery Barn.

The pattern on the fitted crib sheet is like nothing else I had seen for a baby's room, it's full of stars and ships and characters.

And the quilt was the first Star Wars baby item I saw that I had to have. It was so adorable, and had that perfect nursery look to it.

The mobile is from Pottery Barn as well.

It has light and dark gray stars, Wicket the Ewok and R2-D2. I just love its handmade look.

We used a light gray crib skirt to break up all the dark gray. It is from BuyBuy Baby and I steamed to get all the wrinkles out.

Pottery Barn had a limited selection for colors for nursery items, but I was able to make them work. I also got the other crib sheet and the swaddle blankets set they offer, you can see them here in the linen drawer of the dresser.

The plush Leia & R2-D2 toys in the crib I ordered off Amazon and the adorable little pillow is from Pottery Barn too.

The decorations on the wall with the crib are really the focal point of the room.

The decal is from Bush Creative on Etsy, it went on the wall in 2 parts. It peeled off its backing really smoothly and shipping was very fast.

And the Lightsaber wall mounted lights Danny found on Amazon.

The lights have lots of color options like red, purple yellow, blue, green, etc when you press the button on the front it changes, but I prefer the teal option for our nursery.

There is a setting to rotate all the colors and they have a little remote which actually turns both on and off together even though they are purchased separately.

Every nursery needs a rocking chair, but we did not want to go with a granny looking option. We wanted something cool and comfortable that really fit the theme of the room.

The sea foam green Tuba Glider by Babyletto really just fit perfectly, and so did the matching Ottoman, it broke up all the gray without being an overwhelming pop of color.

It is ridiculously comfortable and I have been sitting in it every day since we got it.

I added little accents like an Ewok plush my best friend got from Disneyland for the baby and an R2-D2 fleece reversible blanket from Pottery Barn.

Above the chair you can see more prints by WaiWai Art Prints.

The one with Darth Vader & Leia has a caption that reads 'Like father like daughter'.

The curtains are one of my favorite things about the room, they just feel dreamy and magical.

Behind them there are pull down cloth blinds we ordered custom from Lowe's.

Lowes is where we also got the curtain rod, it has these great clear spheres on the ends that remind me of Labyrinth.

I ordered the star curtains off Amazon, they are sheer white with shimmery silver stars. I did order 2 sets and you will see why once we get to the closet.

On the floor is our giant fluffy Wampa rug, this was also a contribution of Danny's.

He ordered it online from Toynk.com, and I never would have picked it on my own, but now that it's in the room I can't imagine it not being there.

We also installed a new ceiling fan from Lowe's, it's silver and sleek and goes much better with the room than the old brown ugly thing that was in there before.

The bookcase is the last piece of furniture we ordered as part of the Oxford Baby Furniture series. It was taller than I expected, even tough I knew the measurements, and holds a lot of books, which is great because we have no shortage of geeky baby books and toys for her.

I lined the drawer with the same contact paper I used in the dresser.

On the wall above the bookcase is the last of the pictures from WaiWai Art Prints. I love the mommy and baby At-At's with their little green bows so much, they always make me smile.

Lastly we have the closet, and it was a project of it's own. We took out the track and the 2 sliding mirrored doors because they were heavy and I know the baby will smash her fingers or run over her toes with them eventually. So they went into storage until she is bigger.

When Danny took out the baseboards to texture and paint he also had to cut out the closet section of carpet. We planned to put some type of flooring in but the floor under the carpet was unfinished. Danny got right on it and it looks great, but fixing it was a long project he definitely wasn't planning on doing.

I wanted an open closet so that meant it had to be organized or it would always look messy.

In the closet is an 8 cube storage organizer filled with 8 cloth sparkly star storage bins both from Target.

The bins fit the theme beautifully and have this great shine to them.

They are big and hold everything from diapers to toys to bath products and are an inexpensive way to look organized. And that adorable Triceratops is by Bellzi they make the cutest animal plush toys.

Danny added a hanger pole and also built the 2 shelves and installed them.

On top of the closet is the other sheer star curtain I ordered. I took it to a tailor to have it shortened to cover the top shelves in the closet.

There are 2 sets of storage bins.

The top ones hold clothes of 12 months+ size and the bottom ones hold formula, extra health items and feeding supplies for when she is bigger.

The bottom shelf has 4 white plastic bins from Target.

And the top shelf bins are the same as the bins in the cube storage organizer.

The little gray and blue hamper is from Target, it is cloth but it is firm and has a hand washable interior.

And one additional thing that really isn't nursery decor, but is so cute I had to share.

Pottery Barn made these Star Wars milestone cards that I can't wait to use each month with the baby.

I have never gotten to design a room from the start like this before and I have to say it is a lot of fun! I can't handle how cute it is with her in it.





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